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Hello! UNC International participated in TDA, the TDA dental expo in Bangkok, Thailand.

In TDA, we introduced the world's first new type of zirconia developed by UNC!

We are grateful for the great attention our new block !

For the first kind to the world, the Zirconia Block of UNC has introduced 1,150 MPa and 800 MPa blocks that has only a 40-minute sintering schedule.

A consistent level of transparency and shade, even during rapid sintering, is the key advantage of this zirconia block.

Please get started with the world's first "one-day" zirconia!

Thanks again to everyone who showed interest in our product! 🙇

The next fair that UNC will participate in will be UAE Dubai AEEDC (2/6~2/8)

If you have any questions about meeting us in person in AEEDC.

Please feel free to contact us! 🫶


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