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UNC International Co., Ltd., South Korea's No. 1 Zirconia company for dental use, won the $1 million export tower at the 59th Trade Day Ceremony held at COEX in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 5th.

UNC International has maintained the No. 1 domestic market share of Zirconia Blocks in the dental market for five years, and has entered overseas markets since last year and won the $1 million export in a year tower. In particular, it is recognized by customers for its excellent aesthetics and stability differentiated from competitors by developing and using raw materials directly in Korea.

UNC International boldly invested in overseas expansion despite difficulties in the aftermath of COVID-19 to secure dealerships in about 30 countries in a year, and in 2022, it recorded the highest sales ever with domestic sales of 15 billion won and exports of 3 million dollars.

Acceptance speech by CEO Jeong Hyeong-ho: "In 2023, UVS, the world's first successful rapid sintering block, will be introduced worldwide at IDS in Cologne, Germany, in March next year, and we expect the overseas sales ratio will increase further." Acceptance speech by CEO Han Hee-jun: "Recently, European CE, Canada, Japan, and Australia certification has been completed, solving the most difficult tasks, making it the second leap forward for overseas sales next year, and I am confident we will succeed as a global company."

The 30 minute UVS 3D multilayer block, the world's first successful development and recently accelerating mass production, is a groundbreaking product that can reduce sintering time by one-twentieth from the previous 10 hours and will attract global attention as a game changer for dental zirconia.


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