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Korea's Leading Zirconia Manufacturer

EVEREST Multilayer UVS
Zirconia Milling


UNC International is a company based in Korea with a passion for dental Zirconia. We aim to make competitive products without compromise to quality and production.


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UNC International is a fast-growing company that is technologically ahead of trends and shows the direction of development in the dental field. With its correctness, reliability and high-quality materials, the company is a desired and sought-after partner. Thank you for making us part of your team. 

Enki Dental

Gulf Medical Commercial Agencies introduced the UNC Zirconia product in UAE market in 2020 for the dental lab practice as an alternative to metal-ceramic. Compared to the traditional porcelain fused to metal restorations, zirconia restorations have better aesthetics.


We achieved really excellent result from UNC EVEREST Multilayer as it has the translucency of natural teeth, and provides an enchanted natural appearance of the prosthetics.

Gulf Medical
Commercial Agencies


EVEREST Zirconia Block

EVEREST Multilayer Zirconia

EVEREST Sintering Furnace

Sintering Furnices

RAZOR Zirconia Block

RAZOR Monolayer Zirconia

Zirconia Tools

Zirconia Tools


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